draught beer line cleaningJC BeerTech, LTD, headquartered in Medina, Ohio, was established in August, 2000, under the original trade name of JC Coil Cleaning. Focused on Chain Restaurants and Beer Distributors throughout the Mid-West, JC BeerTech, LTD now boasts a service area of 5 states- providing quality, timely beer cleaning and gas supply services. Steadily growing through relationships with major suppliers, Justin Carson, Founder and President of JC BeerTech, LTD, realized that improvements in cleaning supplies and services could result in a significant growth of his company, and provide his customers with improved quality of their draught beer systems; all while reducing waste and increasing the profitability of individual customers.


Early in 2009, JC BeerTech, LTD negotiated an exclusive supply agreement to become the sole North American Distributor of a unique, color changing beer line cleaning liquid manufactured in the UK. The product, trade named “Purple Pipeline” changes color when it comes in contact with bacteria and molds commonly found in draft beer and other plastic beverage lines. Once the lines are clean, the liquid returns to its original purple color, providing a visible verification that the lines are completely clean. The product has been successfully used in the UK and Europe for over 25 years by accounts such as IN-BEV, Sab-Miller and Guinness, some of the largest brewers in the world.

draught beer line cleaningIn parallel, JC BeerTech, LTD also negotiated an exclusive supply agreement for the patents and sole US distribution rights of

beer line conditioning units marketed under the “Flowmaster” trade name. Manufactured in Scotland, the “Flowmaster” beer line conditioning unit uses complex electomagnetic field to alter, or condition, draft beer lines. This process extends the interval of beer line cleaning to up to 4 weeks, resulting in significant savings for restaurants by reducing beer wasted during a typical cleaning cycle. The product has a proven history the UK, with Bellhaven and Green King breweries using the Flowmaster products in over 2000 of their managed Pubs. In addition, the majority of domestic BeerTech, LTD accounts now utilize the “Flowmaster” units in their draught beer systems.