Our Purple Pipeline Cleaner is a BEAST to yeast!


The “Trade” version of PIPELINE, famously The Intelligent Beer Line Cleaner; extra strength, very quick but still very safe – no harmful effects on any known dispense system materials. PIPELINE PROFESSIONAL is designed to be quick, effective and thorough; thus enabling the technician to save time on “bottoming out” and to be on to his next job. PIPELINE PROFESSIONAL is caustic-free  and VERY PURPLE.

Even after twenty years, there is really nothing like it. Quite simply, PIPELINE changes color if the line is dirty. It is a strong purple color when it goes in the line.purple pipeline cleaner If it comes out discolored – green, grey, black, clear – at the dispense head, you know the line is dirty. If it comes out the same color as it went in, you KNOW that the line is absolutely yeast and bacteria free. If it’s not PURPLE, it’s not right . . . Right?

Because of it’s distinctive color, there is virtually no likelihood of the licensee accidentally drinking it if he forgets to rinse out his lines. Suitable for all drink dispense systems, for example beer, lager, cider, fruit juice, soft drinks, etc. Contains TWO bactericides and the distinctive PIPELINE solution-status indicator.

JC BeerTech sells Pipeline to Beer distributors across the country. We also provide training along with recommendations on cleaning practices.

Pipeline can also be used for Dairy dispense and Water line treatment please call today for further information.