draught beer line cleaningSell at least an extra 12 kegs of beer this year. And every year.

Now Available for the First Time in the United States!

Over and above the financial benefit, you save a lot of time by cleaning every 4 weeks and selling the beer you previously wasted. (Average savings $130 per month, including line-cleaning and previously wasted product. Even better, you can improve beer quality and reduce or eliminate foaming.

All equipment is supplied free of charge but there is a deposit of $100 to cover installation cost, plus of course, the first month’s rent.

Call us now for an example of how much BeerTech can save you.

Draft Beer Line Cleaning Products that We Use:


Purple Pipeline Cleaner

Our Purple Pipeline Cleaner is a BEAST to yeast! The “Trade” version of PIPELINE, famously The Intelligent Beer Line Cleaner; extra strength, very quick but still very safe – no harmful effects on any known dispense system materials. PIPELINE PROFESSIONAL is designed to be quick, effective and thorough; thus enabling the technician to save time on “bottoming out” and to be on to his next job. PIPELINE PROFESSIONAL is caustic-free and VERY PURPLE. Learn more about Purple Pipeline Cleaner


Faucet Sponges

Faucet sponges are available to keep your faucets sanitary between manual cleanings.

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